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The Best Pre-Rolled Cones On the Market

This article will explain the benefits of the different pre-rolled cones currently on the market. So which cone packs are the best for you? The answer is that it depends on your smoking goals. If you want to smoke at home or in a private space with friends, then, I would recommend trying one of the pre-rolls from our review. If you are looking to learn more about Rolling Papers, Click HERE.

rolled cone on a white background

The first aspect to consider is package size. Pre-rolled cones are great and it would seem that buying as many as possible is a great choice, but there is actually a shelf life. Most people don’t realize this, so they end up wasting money by buying too much product. In order to ensure you get the best experience out of your purchase, you should buy just enough for your smoking needs. If you want to browse our Cone Selection Check Them Out HERE!

Cones Come Pre-Rolled

5 brown cones standing verticallyThe biggest reason a smoker would buy pre-rolled cones has to do with ease of rolling. When you use rolling paper, there is an art form when rolling the perfect joint. Cones make it easier to smoke by skipping this step entirely. They have a smooth surface with a funnel design and most cones come with a filler option as well as a poker to create an airflow hole in the cone to allow for an even burn. Most pre-rolled cones are pre-cut and they include a filter tip. These two features eliminate the need for scissors, paper, and rolling tools.

Cones Can Be Made Of Different Materials Just Like Rolling Papers

Cones are a cousin of rolling paper, and just like paper, cones can be made of many different interesting materials.

HEMP Pre-Rolled Cones

What better way to smoke Cannabis than with Cannabis (Or Hemp). Hemp rolling paper cones are the first materials on our list because they are one of the most common. Hemp paper is made from hemp plants that have been harvested and then processed to create a long fiber. The plant itself is quite tall (3–4 meters) and grows in a very unique way.

Instead of spreading its seeds out over the ground like other plants, it wraps these seeds around itself and creates a sturdy stalk that anchors the plant into the earth and supports the large leaves at the top. The stalks of the hemp plant grow in an upright fashion until they reach maturity, which takes anywhere from 3 months to several years depending on the variety used. Once mature, the plant will begin to produce large amounts of flowers that spread their pollen all over the place. Each flower contains roughly 50-70 tiny seeds that will then fall off and eventually germinate.

For you dudes not paying attention in class, the difference between a hemp plant and a marijuana plant has to do with the amount of THC in the plant. The cannabis plant, also known as marijuana, is usually grown for the purpose of producing the psychoactive ingredient in the plant called THC. The hemp plant is grown for the purpose of producing the fibers that become part of the paper we use today. Hemp plants have only trace amounts of THC in them.

Wood Pulp Pre-Rolled Cones

Wood pulp is a very strong material that makes for great rolling papers. Pulp paper comes from trees that have been cut down and then ground up into fine pieces. The wood is then put through a paper machine where it is heated to remove moisture from the pulp, then run through a drying process. Pulp papers are easy to pack especially when stacking cones so this material is also a very popular option chosen by manufacturers. Wood is pretty tasty on the “can you taste it scale” so if you are looking for flavorless papers you might want to try rice papers.

Rice Papers

Rice papers are considered a tasteless rolling paper. They come from rice plants and are made from the outer husk of the plant. The rice paper is produced by pounding the husks using heavy wooden mallets. The rice paper is then dried and stored before being used to cones, rolling papers and inevitably, roll joints. Rice paper is a very thin material that is very smooth and light. When rolled properly, it burns slowly and evenly providing a clean, smooth smoke.

Cellulose “Clear” Pre-Rolled Cones

Next, we have cellulose pre-rolled cones, which are made of water, glycerin, and all natural cellophane material. These cones look pretty cool because they are see-through or transparent for those with a fancy vocabulary. Cellulose is a naturally occurring substance found in plants such as wood pulp, cotton fiber, corn, and even in our bodies! The process of making cellulose paper involves steaming the fibers in order to break down the cells and create a fluffier, smoother paper.

Flax Pre-Rolled Cones

Flax rolling paper is another popular smoking material. The flax plant produces seeds that can be grown for food, oil, and fiber. It has a high protein content and is used in many baked goods and other products. This paper is similar to cellulose but made with a special type of flax seed. The seeds are soaked in water and then pounded. After this process, the seeds are dried and then pressed in order to form the paper. This paper is also very smooth and does not get soggy too easily. When smoking they give you a nice slow burn.

Bamboo Pre-Rolled Cones

Lastly, we have bamboo rolling paper. Bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants on earth. They grow very quickly and once mature, can produce large amounts of leaves. Once the leaves are removed from the plant, they are then treated with chemicals and heat to dry and make the fibers usable for paper production. This paper is very environmentally sustainable for you enviro-hippies and it also burns slower than most of the others listed here.

When choosing a cone, be sure to sample different products and materials so you can be sure the taste compliments your stuff shoved inside! Pairing the wrong pre-rolled cone with the wrong product can taste nasty. Most of the time it is a personal preference so get to it!

Cones Come in Flavor Just Like Rolling Papers

Another important thing to think about when purchasing pre-rolled cones is flavor. Just like rolling papers and wraps, cones are the accent flavor to any product you stuff inside of it. Many people prefer certain flavors over others because everyone has their own taste buds. Since the flavor of the cone will be a deciding factor in whether or not you enjoy your entire experience, try to find a flavor that matches your hemp or other herb. Try different things until you find what works for you. There are also subtle taste differences in pre-rolled hemp, rice, and glucose papers so experimentation is really the only way to know your individual preferences. 

Cones Are More Expensive Than Papers

Cones offer many benefits over roll-your-own options. However, the biggest drawback is price. Cones are a little bit more expensive than papers, so if you’re looking for something to save money, choose a different product. But, if you want the fastest, easiest way to smoke herb, then cones are the right choice.

Pre-Rolled Cones Have Many Different Sizes 

Along with many different brands, there are many different sizes of pre-rolled cones on the market. We have done our best to find lay out the most common sizes for you as well as a few dope specialty finds.

70mm Pre-Rolled Cones

First, we have 70mm pre-rolled cones. This size is commonly referred to as a “regular cone” or “Dog Walker.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. A standard 70mm cone will be large enough that you can roll a decent size herb into it without too much trouble. These cones are great for personal smoke sessions or when you don’t want to get too blazed. These are available from multiple manufacturers and have a variety of tip size options. Depending on the tip size you select, it will determine how much it holds. 

*Specs: Tip sizes available are typically a 24 mm holds .5 g or ½ grams, a 30 mm holds .3 grams, and 45mm holds .25 g. Total length of this cone is 70 mm in total.

Lean Pre-Rolled Cones

Raw cone pack lean classic brand natural unrefined rolling papersThis size was pioneered by RAW. The lean cone was designed by Josh Kesselman himself. He wanted a cone that lasted longer but burned less material for when smoking alone. Pretty freaking smart! In between hits, you’re just wasting product.

 He made it a 110 mm long (same length as a King Size) cone but super slim. To make this work he had to design a specially rolled skinny spiral tip to accommodate the new cone size. This gives the body of the cone a unique thin profile that allows for a smaller ember at the end. With a tiny ember, less product is burnt. This way, less product is wasted and the best part is it gives it a completely different flavor profile! Many OG’s have made this their go to cone for these awesome benefits. They feature a long  40 mm tip and hold about  ¾  of a gram. Total length of the cone is 109 mm long which will give you plenty of room to roll.

1 ¼ Size Pre-Rolled Cones

Next, we have the 1 1/4 size cones. This size is considered your standard cone. This cone happens to be the most popular size when people are buying empty pre-rolls. Not only does it hold the perfect amount, it holds quite a bit of herb inside which is why it is the standard, but don’t expect them to last very long. 

With its standard profile and midsize length, they are heavy hitters with a robust flavor profile. It’s no wonder why it’s our number one seller. These feature a 26 mm crutch / tip and hold about .75 grams. The total length of this cone is 84 mm. The best cone brands in this size include OCB, RAW and Futurola.

Slim Cones, Reefer Cones, 98 Specials Oh My!

The 98 mm cone is also available. The two biggest manufacturers of these cones are RAW and Futurola. RAW calls theirs the 98 Special while Futurola refers to theirs as the reefer cone and slim cone. Even though 98mm cones may not be as common at your local dispensary, don’t let that deter you. It’s the perfect mixture between the 1 ¼ and King Sizes.  With a length of 98 mm, it has a little thinner profile than your traditional cone. This gives it a smaller ember that produces a rich velvety flavor. It holds the same amount of material as the 1 ¼ cone but burns longer.

RAW cones have a length of 98mm including a 21mm tip allowing  this bad boy to hold a full gram. The Futurola Reefer measures 98mm with a 30mm filter tip size versus the slim size features the same length with a 26mm tip. These cones are total sleepers. Make sure to put it on your wishlist.

King Size Cones 

OCB organic hemp box multi packKing Sized cones are named perfectly, because they are for Kings. They measure 110 mm long and normally feature a 26 mm or 21mm tip. Holding 1.5 grams depending on crutch size, there’s no question why this is the chosen cone that most dispensaries choose for their pre-rolls. These are used to smoke the most potent forms of herb and allow for maximum shareability. This is the cone that normally separates the men from the boys (and the women from the girls?). If you can handle one of these big dogs by yourself, you are a true champion. OCB, RAW and Futurola are the Kings of this size roll and have built quite a devoted following1. 

The RAW Peacemaker and Futurola Party Size Cone

If you need a bigger size than a King size, well yup, we have that too. There is a special kind of party that happens when you step over this line. Beware, if you have baby lungs this part of the article is not for you. Head back to your dugout and one hitter.

The RAW Peacemaker and The Futurola Party Size cone that hold 2.25 grams of material. Measuring 140 MM They are definitely a whopper! It’s definitely going to help you burry the hatchet and Party Like a Rockstar.

From this point out it is strictly RAW craziness. There will not be a lot of information but after sitting down with one of these you won’t care. Cough, Cough


Raw king size cone classic version next to packaging and poke stickIf you’re looking for a full 8 inches, look no further! RAW has you covered. Measuring 180mm it’s almost 8 inches long with a 45mm tip. That is almost double the size of a  KING SIZE CONE! Have a small party? Bust this out and you will definitely feel like the emperor. Holding an incredible 3 grams of product, it’s bound to last at least one solid rotation.

We like to say: Want to match me on a 10 gram smoke sesh? Looking for an out of body experience? Well, the RAW Supernatural Cone holds 20 grams. You feel like you’re floating above yourself holding this 280mm cone. Just be careful and don’t tilt it down! This will cause a party foul, being 12 inches long, it needs to be lightly packed. Tilting it downward could cause the filling to fall out. This smoking technique goes for all the big cones. Grab the 88mm tip and keep you and the ember high. This cone is only available in the RAWKET Pack.

A wise man once said, “I bet you can’t!!! Hold my beer!” Some of the greatest events in life start this way. Challenge yourself and your buddies to the RAW Challenge Cone! Holding 3 ounces (or 85 grams), it will challenge some of the biggest lungs. Finish this expedition and you will have something incredible to truly brag about. Good Luck, it’s definitely a challenge.

The RAW Astrocone #Space

If 600 mm of cone isn’t enough for you to chief on, then there’s only one option left bruh.

(Drum Roll!!!!!) Introducing the RAW ASTROCONE!!!

This will get you higher than Elon Musk’s Mars trips. You’ll be sitting in the milky way hitting a truly magnificent work of art. This cone is 900mm’s of oh shit! How much can this cone really hold? To be honest, more than you can handle. Make sure you video your space trip because it’s bound to go viral on Instagram.  These are rarer than an Original Twitter employee still working for Musk. So, if you find this in stock, grab yourself one and be prepared for an experience of a lifetime.

After reading our “expertly crafted” lengthy article on the best pre-rolled cones and their sizing, we hope you can now pick the perfect cone. Whether you find yourself in an intimate smoke sesh or taking the “Big Boy” challenge, consider yourself officially educated on cone sizes.

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Pre-Rolled Cones Vs. Rolling Papers

Is It Better To Use Pre-Rolled Cones or Rolling Papers?

Should you roll your own with papers or switch to pre-rolled cones? Well, every smoker is different. It’s no surprise that most people have a preference of what products they use when they roll. 

Table of Contents

  1. Rolling Papers Are Older Than Cones
  2. Are Rolling Papers Cheaper Than Cones?
  3. Roll With What You’re Most Comfortable With
  4. The Biggest Difference Between Cones And Rolling Papers
  5. Converting Your Favorite Rolling Paper Into A Cone
  6. Filters And Other Smoking Accessories
  7. Stock Up On Both Papers And Cones!

pre-rolled cone tubes

Rolling Papers Are Older Than Cones

For centuries the only choice was the rolling paper. Papers date back over hundreds (possibly even thousands) of years. New variations of papers began to appear within the last fifty years, including thickness, size (single wide, 1.25, 1.5, double wide, king size, king size slim, king supreme) material (bamboo, flax, forest fiber, rice, & hemp) and flavors. Smokers usually have a favorite depending on whether they want a smooth burn, slow burn or simply ease of rolling. Cut-corner papers were developed for the men who were blinded from injuries suffered in the first World War. This paper made it easy to identify the jagged edge so you can be sure to always roll on the correct side. 

Are Rolling Papers Cheaper Than Cones?

Yes! This is usually the case. Rolling papers require you to do most of the work so naturally they are cheaper when compared to most cones. Be careful when buying cheap cones because even though it looks like a better deal, the paper could be old, or even worse, contain harmful chemicals that should be avoided. 

Roll With What You’re Most Comfortable With

If you started rolling with rolling papers you are probably more skilled than the average beginner after so much practice. Chances are you are going to stick with what you know. And we all know those folks who brag about being the best rollers around, so it’s a matter of pride and tradition for some. But for those new to rolling their own, a product emerged in the last twenty years that makes the job a bit easier – the cone. Learning any new skill takes time so don’t get frustrated if your first attempts aren’t perfect. 

The Biggest Difference Between Cones And Rolling Papers

The obvious difference between a cigarette rolled with paper versus one that is pre-rolled with a cone is the shape…duh! They are wide at one end, narrow at the other, similar to a skinny funnel. In addition, they are sturdier than most straight paper smokes making them easier to carry in a baggie or purse without falling apart. 

Pre-rolled cones will always give you a perfect roll because unlike papers, all you need to do is stuff them. There is no need to line up the paper or lick the “correct side.” Experienced rollers understand that airflow is a big factor when assembling their joints. Cones make it easier to pack herb tightly or more loosely, rather than depending on your rolling skill alone. 

But most cone users say their biggest benefit is that they hold more smoking material – a real asset when smoking with friends. Another great asset of the cone is burn release. The deep funnel shape means more product will be front-loaded at the start of your session. Some users prefer this to get the sesh started! Others prefer an even burn throughout the entire smoking experience. It really depends on you!

Converting Your Favorite Rolling Paper Into A Cone 

If you are seeking the benefit of the funnel-shaped cone but want to roll yourself, try taking a king size paper, tip the end and insert a pencil or other stick to help you seal the paper. Leave some room at the top and BOOM! You now have a cone rolled from rolling papers. It takes some time to get it right but now you have a pre-rolled cone at half the cost! Now you can stuff it with your favorite herb just as you would any store-bought pre-roll.

Filters And Other Smoking Accessories

Just like rolling papers, pre-rolled cones also come in a wide variety of materials (bamboo, flax, forest fiber, rice, hemp) and sizes.  Most cones also come with filters, which most agree makes for a much smoother smoke. Rolling papers, on the other hand, will usually require extra tips or filters unless they come prepackaged. 

OCB paper pack in yellow OCB has some cool combos that have tips along with rolling papers in a single package to save you some time.

The Cone Artist Cone Roller is a great product that lets you roll your own cones like we mentioned above. It even comes with a nifty little funnel extension to easily let you fill up your cones.

Rolling machines can make rolling a traditional joint much faster and are fun to use. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes addictive to get that “Perfect Roll!”

Stock Up On Both Papers And Cones!

So what’s a roll-your-own smoker going to settle on? The best advice is to have both rolling papers and cones on hand. Being able to choose which smoking experience you want is the true advantage of the wide range of rolling options available today. Going out or smoking with friends? A cone roll is the best option for that particular situation. If you’re just relaxing at home and are an ace roller, a straight paper roll is oddly satisfying. And no one cares if your joint looks less than perfect. 

Being able to order your rolling supplies online has made the roll-your-own experience so much better and gives options that weren’t available at the local convenience store or gas station just five years ago. So roll on brothers and sisters – it’s a good time to be you!

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Rolling Papers Are Made From Many Different Materials

Many different materials can be used to manufacture rolling papers. Most people picture the cigarette looking, extremely bleached white papers from years ago. This is just simply not the case anymore. New trends have now pushed makers to think about taste, color, the environment, and smoker health. All aspects of your smoking experience can change depending on how you choose to roll and what type of paper you use. We have developed a guide to help you understand all the different options available to you and your smoking circle.

Traditional Rolling Papers

Most traditional papers are curated from a wood pulp-like material. Almost all papers were designed this way until just the last few decades. A way that wood papers tend to stick out from their hemp and rice counterparts has to do with color. Major brands tend to bleach them pure white in color to give them a clean look and create the illusion of “freshness.” This trend is on its way out because as more studies are being done on paper type and chemical composition, more individuals are preferring unbleached organic papers. In terms of rolling, wood papers are easy to roll and for the most part contain a thicker material when compared to other options. Wood pulp is a great pick for the vintage cigarette enthusiast.

Organic Rolling Papers

OCB organic hemp box 1 1/4 unbleached 50 per boxOrganic rolling papers are becoming very popular due to the added health benefits they possess when compared to other products. No paper is completely harmless and free of toxins, but organic blends do have significant benefits over other choices. Entire brands are built on this premise. RAW and OCB are big players in the organic paper game.
RAW Organic hemp Rolls are perfect for the King-sized smoker. This paper has zero additives and allows you to choose your own paper length. RAW is famous for its brown texture which signifies no added chemicals or bleach.
OCB Organic Hemp cones are made with 100% organic French hemp. Made with all natural acacia gum, this paper was designed to please the environmentalist and the health conscience connoisseur.

Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp rolling papers are a fan favorite. Imagine smoking your legal hemp with, well, hemp! It’s a genius idea. Hemp is popular for its burn quality and flavorful taste. Hemp is also a super sustainable plant resource. While trees need decades to mature, hemp only needs 14 to 16 weeks to fully mature and can then be harvested. American Rolling Club stocks many different hemp paper options. RAW alone has dozens of products made from hemp and plant composite materials.
RAW Classic Hemp Papers These papers are thinly manufactured and semi translucent at the perfect thickness to roll easily. RAW Classic is available in single packs, as a set or by the box.
OCB Organic Hemp Papers Are grown and harvested in France under environmentally friendly processes. Made with all-natural “always-sticks” acacia gum.

Rice Rolling Papers

Elements Ultra Thin Rice cone box in a 40 packElements is the KING when it comes to the rice paper manufacturing game. Like hemp, rice can be grown and harvested in a very short timeframe opposed to trees. This makes rice papers a very sustainable source. Rice papers are light and semi-translucent. This allows for a clean tasty smoke. The only drawback is they can be harder to roll than hemp or pulp papers so be sure to practice a few times before you roll in front of your friends.

Sugar cone cylinder packaging Clear Rolling Papers

Glucose papers are an interesting and fun way to smoke! Known for being completely transparent just like those awesome retro phones in the 90s, they allow you to see exactly what’s inside. Glucose papers are made from cellulose cotton, glucose (sugar), and water which give it a slow burn when you roll.
Cyclones Cones are a great way to “clear-ify” your roll. This product comes in a tube containing 2 clear cones with 24 tubes per box.

Each material has a unique benefit. Hopefully now, you can pick the perfect material based on your individual preference. Remember, each person rolls differently so switch it up, try new things and enjoy yourself!

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A List Of Some Of Our Favorite Rolling Paper Brands

Rolling papers are the go-to choice for an impromptu smoke session (who likes bongs anyway? At least, WE prefer papers). Rolling paper has grown in demand. Now, with more and more legal herbs, there are dozens of choices for rolling paper. Some examples are hemp, printed papers, cones, and so many more. With different types of rolling paper, smoke sessions can have different flair depending on the smokers preference.
Many smokers choose different brands for different reasons. Some prefer one brand for a certain herb over another. All is which to say, the perfect joint is completely up to you.

Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jays rolling papers mello mango flavored 1 1/4 sizeLike its name suggests, Juicy Jay’s is one of the most flavorful brands of any rolling paper made. Once you open the pack, the sweet aroma of strawberry, blueberry, and other juicy flavors tingle your taste buds. Jay’s employs a special process that focuses aromas on the taste buds in your mouth, lips and even your cheeks in order to deliver maximum flavor! For those who choose Juicy Jay, they are living life on the sweeter side and enjoy even sweeter aromas.

Juicy Jay’s have gained popularity in recent years and many don’t know that they are actually owned by RAW. This brings us to the next hit on our list. RAWthentic!


black raw cone box 900 count 1 1/4RAW boasts a plethora of different materials, sizes, and even contraptions to help you roll better joints! We could list our top 10 favorites but for sake of reading material we will list one of our favorites.

RAW’s Pre-rolled cones are the perfect convenience solution for those who don’t want or have the time to roll their own joint. Using hemp fibers, this classic and low stress method for assembling your joint might be your next choice on how to smoke.

Those who choose pre-rolled cones are the friends who choose high quality tobacco and herbs and want to get down to business. No time wasted on rolling papers with crazy tastes and possible lost products.


OCB organic hemp paper single wide boxOCB is an interesting brand derived in France 200 years ago. The name is a creative acronym that means “O” ODET, “C” CASCEDEC, “B” BOLLORE. This abbreviation harbors a rich upbringing in the company history. “Odet” is where the company’s first paper mill was located on the Odet river in France. “Cascedec” was the location of a very significant paper mill location (also in France) and was a shining pillar in the industry. “Bollore” throws back to a 6-generation family that paved the way for the rolling paper industry.

History aside, these papers are cutting edge and are becoming one of the most popular brands piquing smoker demand.

OCB Solaire Rolling Papers | King Size Slim + Tips are a great product and we chose it based on quality and a nice price point. These papers are made of 100% sustainable plant fibers and even come with tips inside the package.


elements wide rolling tips boxRice paper for rolling a joint is a solid choice. Rice paper burns so well, they come freshly pressed with a criss-cross design that leaves almost zero ash when burned. Rice paper has been so well designed, they have an almost near perfect fold, creating the perfect joint.

If you use Elements, you are someone who like a clean joint. Some might even say you are the OCD smoker with your perfect folds and little ash.

E-Z Wider

ez wider 1 1/4 box organic hempE-Z Wider is another classic brand known for being double the width of a standard rolling paper. If you are a less-experienced roller than these are for you! EZ Wider is easier to roll than other brands and the extra width allows for a better roll that is forgiving of mistakes. A little known fact, E-Z Wider also has prerolled cones available made with organic hemp fiber.

When choosing how to smoke the perfect joint, try different ways and see what might fit your lifestyle and smoking choice.

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The Best Grinders For Your Tobacco

Before you load up your rolling paper, it’s always a great idea to get your grind on! This allows for the most airflow to mix with your tobacco for an even burn and flavorful taste. We have put together a list of our top grinders that each have their own interesting uses and functions.

The Hammercraft Aluminum Grinder from RAW

multi color Hammercraft grinder from RawThis grinder needs no introduction. Hammercraft has set the bar for quality and stylishness of household tobacco grinders. The designs are absolutely beautiful. You can feel the quality build when you hold it in your hands. Choose from three different colors like metallic red, black gloss or Rasta rainbow. Made from high-grade aluminum, this product sports a four compartment design with sharp diamond-shaped blades that were engineered to chop your herb into evenly separated chunks. Keep grinding away to achieve a fine finish. The four-part design allows for easy cleaning and storage. A small brush is included to ensure your tobacco ends up in your roll and not stuck in the mesh grate.

The RAW Three-Way shredder

Raw three-way shredder cardThis is a great low-cost option when grinding your herb. This card comes equipped with 3 different grinding sizes. Each letter of the word “RAW” is a unique grinding size so you can have fine, medium, or coarse. The design is clean and the material is a stainless steel dishwasher safe alloy. This card is essentially a flashy cheese grater for your tobacco. It takes a bit more work to operate but the best part is that you can take it anywhere with you inside your smartphone or wallet.

OCB X WAKiT Grinder | Collage

automatic electric grinder see through with collage topThere are a lot of grinders on the market but OCB has really delivered with this one. There are just so many assets on this thing. To start with, it’s charged by a powerful lithium ion battery. Just a press of the button and it jumps into action and chops your favorite smoking herb. Electric grinders are a must have when consistency is desired. You can rest assured that you will get an even grind every time you use it. The inside chamber hosts a beaded-chain design that pulverizes your tobacco. This is ingenious because unlike using a bladed edge, you can coarsely ground your product without cutting it too finley. Don’t stop with smoking herb! You can ground your spices, ingredients or other recipes in the kitchen to create that perfect meal!

MedTainer – 20 Dram Storage Container With Built-In Grinder

Gold storage med-tainerMedTainer is an industry leader because why just store your tobacco when you can grind it too! Not only is the design patented for its airtight seal. This container comes fully stocked with its own discrete grinder on the inside! Check out our article on moisture to learn why it’s such an important aspect of smoking quality when rolling. MedTainers come in a variety of colors and branding. There are even special edition colors and themed designs such as May the 4th, popular cartoons and more. Many people even collect them as a side hobby.

RAW Gripper Grinder

Raw brand gripper grinder This grinder is straightforward. You have an easy-grip handle for grinding your herb inside the chamber. What makes this a very interesting product is the material. The grinder in its entirety is biodegradable. Composed of 100% Hemp plastic, RAW has now made it possible to grind your hemp inside your hemp and then smoke your hemp inside hemp rolling papers. Once they invent hemp matches then the process will be complete. As another caveat, this grinder is made in America and assembled by special needs initiatives programs.

The RAW Die-Hard Pollen Press

Raw branded pollen press disassembled to show pieces The pollen press is the opposite of a grinder. Instead of breaking apart the herb into smaller chunks, it literally compresses super fine herb dust called (pollen) into a coin-shaped block of herb. Why this tool is so handy is because when grinding, especially finely, a percentage gets pulverized into a dust powder that’s too small to pack and smoke. This tool will literally save you money in the long run and the whole process is very satisfying.

Grinders definitely push the creativity of the herb industry designers. We add new products in inventory almost daily so be sure to check our LIVE shop area for new additions! Now you have info to make the best decision when looking for a grinder.

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How To Keep Your Tobacco and Herb Fresh

green tobacco leaf cropTaste is a direct result of Freshness

Before you pack your rolling paper, remember that taste is a direct result of freshness. Tobacco is usually fresh and full of flavor when you get it from a great, trustworthy source. However, once tobacco and legal smoking herb dries out, the flavor is reduced and tastes different (and not in a good way). In the last few years, we are starting to see more questions regarding the storage and taste preservation of tobacco products. Many ask, “How can I keep my tobacco fresh?” Check out our quick guide that we put together to learn the best methods for storing your tobacco and herbs. 

Don’t Stuff Your Rolling Paper With Dry Tobacco 

The manufacturing process for procuring tobacco and legal smoking herbs has been fine-tuned over the last hundred years or possibly even longer. When fresh tobacco or herb is dried out during the curing process, the joints can create an unpleasant taste for your drag while smoking. The taste becomes intolerable for the most experienced smoker. Dry product also ends up breaking, turning into powder as you hand roll or use a machine. You will find product falling out and making a mess because it doesn’t have the proper consistency and preload against your paper, cone or cigarette tube. As dry product burns you will hit voids and hot spots that create runs as it burns also known as canoeing. Other problems include jammed rolling machines and cherries and embers falling off burning your car or clothes.

 After tobacco is freshly harvested, there is a drying process. This process dries the leaves but doesn’t completely eradicate all moisture. It is then tightly stored to lock in freshness and to stop harmful pests and other airborne contaminants from contaminating the crop. 

A little known fact about tobacco leaves is that they can actually be re-hydrated. Storing leaves properly so no moisture escapes is ideal but if you find yourself with dry-tasting, unsmokable leaves, the next best thing is to re-hydrate!

How To Rehydrate Tobacco

If your tobacco is dry and flavorless, there is still hope. Rehydrating tobacco is almost as big of an artform as growing the tobacco itself. There are a variety of different ways you can go about reintroducing water into your roll. A popular way has to do with boiling water. Remember, you don’t want to directly submerge the product with water, this could wash off the flavors that were added after harvesting. Instead, allow the steam to gently rise up and pull moisture back into the leaves. That way, the flavors will remain strong and not diminish. 

Next, you can try to store your tobacco with fresh fruit sealed in a container. This is a subtle way to easily pull moistures (and even flavors) into your leaves. Experiment with different types of fruits and berries until you find the best mix for you and your individual tastes. The old schoolers swore by orange peels. 

zeppellin blimp-ifier display containerIf you want some help rehydrating or maintaining proper hydration, we offer products that work well when stored with tobacco. The Zeppelin Blimpifier, Water Pillows, RAW Hydrostone, and humidifying disks are a great product that can be submerged in water and then slowly releases moisture to perfectly rehydrate your tobacco. These products are reusable and cost effective. Unfortunately, there is a problem with these. If you are not careful you can over hydrate your product leaving you with smokes that don’t stay lit. So be careful!

Keeping your product at the perfect moisture level

Today’s demand for keeping your product at the correct hydration point has been answered. Companies like Boveda, Integra Boost, and Moisture Pak have designed 2-way hydration packets that you drop in your favorite container and forget them. These companies have different size packs to properly keep your stash safe. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or run the world’s biggest grow house they have a solution for you. These packs also have different moisture contents for different types of product. For herbal use we recommend 62% humidity packs. They keep your product moist and your terpenes fresh and tasty! For tobacco users we recommend…

Boveda Hemp And Tobacco Moisture Packs

Boveda packs are a great way to hydrate your terps, tobacco, or anything else you want to keep moist in storage. Boveda was scientifically designed to adjust relative humidity levels via a terpene shield that coats your stash. This means that the packs have a built-in time release agent that responds to the moisture in the container and adjusts accordingly to lock in freshness. You can tell it’s time to change the pack when the insert becomes dried out in spots. Do not wait until the entire packet gets dried out or your product may suffer. Boveda packs work best in air-tight containers and will last longer when void of air. Using more packs than recommended will also allow for longer shelf life because the time release agent has to respond less.  

Integra boost Moisture Packs  

Integra Boost is another product that regulates moisture. Just like Boveda, these packs work to adjust the relative humidity in the room while automatically releasing for long usage times. Testing shows that there is no clear advantage of using one over another but you need to try both for yourself. Some customers have reported that their favorites lock in taste a bit better than others. 

Here Are The Best Ways To Store Your Tobacco To Keep It Fresh.

Areas with lower than normal humidity can be a hindrance to freshness. Storing tobacco in less than airtight containers and baggies often allow moisture to escape. For the short term, this is unnoticed. But if you need to store product for longer than a few weeks, glass canning jars or special containers are needed.

red med-tainer storage grinderOne of or favorite storing containers happens to be MedTainer! Medtainer has the unique patent of keeping an airtight seal while also sporting a handy grinder design built right into the cylinder. They also come in a wide array of colors and are relatively cheap when compared to other options. You can even pair this product with our Zeppelins Blimpifiers for maximum freshness. 

We also have c-vault containers. These containers are stainless steel, food-grade storage cylinders. Boveda actually designed the pack holder so humidity regulation is made easy. If you are looking for something a bit more flexible, we also carry Mylar bags. Mylar bags are traditionally used in food-service to tightly pack contents against outside light, oxygen or other unwanted particulates. The material is strong and puncture resistant which makes them a great choice for storage.

Jars that top our list!

The Time Capsule polymer storage device was first used as a way to store items securely underground for future recovery. However, smoking enthusiasts quickly learned that the airtight seal, UV blocking coating, and durable material could also protect their favorite herb and keep it fresh for later. Inspired by NASA research, this little cup is a great choice. 

The Bakers Bank Roll is a nice product when you need protection! The weapons grade material is a stylish jar that is air-tight and virtually crush-proof under most circumstances. We wouldn’t recommend running it over with a semi but besides that you won’t be disappointed. 

If you are looking to stash multiple herbs in a single location, look no further. The Juicy Jars are great because they are stackable! They are also airtight and coated with UV protective paint to safeguard against sunlight. 

Most of the products listed here will hide your herb in an airtight container. What if you want to show off your prized possession? The Smokus Focus Jar is the perfect display option. Crafted with a sleek transparent design, this jar has a focusing magnifying glass built in to the container for an up close and personal look at your stash. It also has a dope LED light to wow your smoking circle.