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The Best Grinders For Your Tobacco

Before you load up your rolling paper, it’s always a great idea to get your grind on! This allows for the most airflow to mix with your tobacco for an even burn and flavorful taste. We have put together a list of our top grinders that each have their own interesting uses and functions.

The Hammercraft Aluminum Grinder from RAW

multi color Hammercraft grinder from RawThis grinder needs no introduction. Hammercraft has set the bar for quality and stylishness of household tobacco grinders. The designs are absolutely beautiful. You can feel the quality build when you hold it in your hands. Choose from three different colors like metallic red, black gloss or Rasta rainbow. Made from high-grade aluminum, this product sports a four compartment design with sharp diamond-shaped blades that were engineered to chop your herb into evenly separated chunks. Keep grinding away to achieve a fine finish. The four-part design allows for easy cleaning and storage. A small brush is included to ensure your tobacco ends up in your roll and not stuck in the mesh grate.

The RAW Three-Way shredder

Raw three-way shredder cardThis is a great low-cost option when grinding your herb. This card comes equipped with 3 different grinding sizes. Each letter of the word “RAW” is a unique grinding size so you can have fine, medium, or coarse. The design is clean and the material is a stainless steel dishwasher safe alloy. This card is essentially a flashy cheese grater for your tobacco. It takes a bit more work to operate but the best part is that you can take it anywhere with you inside your smartphone or wallet.

OCB X WAKiT Grinder | Collage

automatic electric grinder see through with collage topThere are a lot of grinders on the market but OCB has really delivered with this one. There are just so many assets on this thing. To start with, it’s charged by a powerful lithium ion battery. Just a press of the button and it jumps into action and chops your favorite smoking herb. Electric grinders are a must have when consistency is desired. You can rest assured that you will get an even grind every time you use it. The inside chamber hosts a beaded-chain design that pulverizes your tobacco. This is ingenious because unlike using a bladed edge, you can coarsely ground your product without cutting it too finley. Don’t stop with smoking herb! You can ground your spices, ingredients or other recipes in the kitchen to create that perfect meal!

MedTainer – 20 Dram Storage Container With Built-In Grinder

Gold storage med-tainerMedTainer is an industry leader because why just store your tobacco when you can grind it too! Not only is the design patented for its airtight seal. This container comes fully stocked with its own discrete grinder on the inside! Check out our article on moisture to learn why it’s such an important aspect of smoking quality when rolling. MedTainers come in a variety of colors and branding. There are even special edition colors and themed designs such as May the 4th, popular cartoons and more. Many people even collect them as a side hobby.

RAW Gripper Grinder

Raw brand gripper grinder This grinder is straightforward. You have an easy-grip handle for grinding your herb inside the chamber. What makes this a very interesting product is the material. The grinder in its entirety is biodegradable. Composed of 100% Hemp plastic, RAW has now made it possible to grind your hemp inside your hemp and then smoke your hemp inside hemp rolling papers. Once they invent hemp matches then the process will be complete. As another caveat, this grinder is made in America and assembled by special needs initiatives programs.

The RAW Die-Hard Pollen Press

Raw branded pollen press disassembled to show pieces The pollen press is the opposite of a grinder. Instead of breaking apart the herb into smaller chunks, it literally compresses super fine herb dust called (pollen) into a coin-shaped block of herb. Why this tool is so handy is because when grinding, especially finely, a percentage gets pulverized into a dust powder that’s too small to pack and smoke. This tool will literally save you money in the long run and the whole process is very satisfying.

Grinders definitely push the creativity of the herb industry designers. We add new products in inventory almost daily so be sure to check our LIVE shop area for new additions! Now you have info to make the best decision when looking for a grinder.