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Rolling Papers Are Made From Many Different Materials

Many different materials can be used to manufacture rolling papers. Most people picture the cigarette looking, extremely bleached white papers from years ago. This is just simply not the case anymore. New trends have now pushed makers to think about taste, color, the environment, and smoker health. All aspects of your smoking experience can change depending on how you choose to roll and what type of paper you use. We have developed a guide to help you understand all the different options available to you and your smoking circle.

Traditional Rolling Papers

Most traditional papers are curated from a wood pulp-like material. Almost all papers were designed this way until just the last few decades. A way that wood papers tend to stick out from their hemp and rice counterparts has to do with color. Major brands tend to bleach them pure white in color to give them a clean look and create the illusion of “freshness.” This trend is on its way out because as more studies are being done on paper type and chemical composition, more individuals are preferring unbleached organic papers. In terms of rolling, wood papers are easy to roll and for the most part contain a thicker material when compared to other options. Wood pulp is a great pick for the vintage cigarette enthusiast.

Organic Rolling Papers

OCB organic hemp box 1 1/4 unbleached 50 per boxOrganic rolling papers are becoming very popular due to the added health benefits they possess when compared to other products. No paper is completely harmless and free of toxins, but organic blends do have significant benefits over other choices. Entire brands are built on this premise. RAW and OCB are big players in the organic paper game.
RAW Organic hemp Rolls are perfect for the King-sized smoker. This paper has zero additives and allows you to choose your own paper length. RAW is famous for its brown texture which signifies no added chemicals or bleach.
OCB Organic Hemp cones are made with 100% organic French hemp. Made with all natural acacia gum, this paper was designed to please the environmentalist and the health conscience connoisseur.

Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp rolling papers are a fan favorite. Imagine smoking your legal hemp with, well, hemp! It’s a genius idea. Hemp is popular for its burn quality and flavorful taste. Hemp is also a super sustainable plant resource. While trees need decades to mature, hemp only needs 14 to 16 weeks to fully mature and can then be harvested. American Rolling Club stocks many different hemp paper options. RAW alone has dozens of products made from hemp and plant composite materials.
RAW Classic Hemp Papers These papers are thinly manufactured and semi translucent at the perfect thickness to roll easily. RAW Classic is available in single packs, as a set or by the box.
OCB Organic Hemp Papers Are grown and harvested in France under environmentally friendly processes. Made with all-natural “always-sticks” acacia gum.

Rice Rolling Papers

Elements Ultra Thin Rice cone box in a 40 packElements is the KING when it comes to the rice paper manufacturing game. Like hemp, rice can be grown and harvested in a very short timeframe opposed to trees. This makes rice papers a very sustainable source. Rice papers are light and semi-translucent. This allows for a clean tasty smoke. The only drawback is they can be harder to roll than hemp or pulp papers so be sure to practice a few times before you roll in front of your friends.

Sugar cone cylinder packaging Clear Rolling Papers

Glucose papers are an interesting and fun way to smoke! Known for being completely transparent just like those awesome retro phones in the 90s, they allow you to see exactly what’s inside. Glucose papers are made from cellulose cotton, glucose (sugar), and water which give it a slow burn when you roll.
Cyclones Cones are a great way to “clear-ify” your roll. This product comes in a tube containing 2 clear cones with 24 tubes per box.

Each material has a unique benefit. Hopefully now, you can pick the perfect material based on your individual preference. Remember, each person rolls differently so switch it up, try new things and enjoy yourself!