About Us


How we got started

american rolling club headquartersOne day I was commuting a few towns over to my job as a Truck driver/ mechanic. My best friend called me asking me to stop and get him some rolling papers from a head shop close to my work. I said just go to the gas station and get some. He response was “No way, I’m not smoking that garbage”. A few days later I started researching rolling papers thinking, is there a big difference? I always used the same papers that I started smoking with, never thinking twice. Little did I know most gas stations sell cheap papers that have chalk and chemical glues. After realizing that there was a whole new realm of smoking products and that my friend was not the only one having trouble accessing them. I consulted with my wonderful wife that had been in online sales for years and we put a plan together to start the American Rolling Club.

What we do

Here at the American Rolling Company, we take pride in what we do. Supplying our customers with the best products available, offering top notch customer service and properly packaging the items so you get the goods fast and intact. That is our mission. By doing our best and using a positive perspective, It completely changes the game. Some could say that “we put things in boxes for a living”. Instead, we like to think that every day we make thousands of people’s lives better, in turn making the world a better place. Think about it. Life could be going better but then, you think “OH YEAH, my package is going to be delivered today”. Putting a smile on your face and a spring in your step pushing through the day with ease. As you pull in the driveway there it is sitting on your porch. Swooping up the package, you hurry inside opening your package checking out all your new goodies. Rolling one up with a grin on your face you finally grab your lighter. You hear “CHIK” “CHIK” from the lighter as you fire it up. AHHHHH! That’s why we do it! We like to call it that “CHIK” “CHIK” feeling. We are proud to say we have helped achieve OVER ONE BILLION BURNED!