Buy Rolling Papers

Buying Rolling Papers 

When you buy rolling papers, you’re confronted with so many different options. Before you light up your favorite smoking herb, deciding how to smoke is just as important as what to smoke. If you’re like most people, you probably got invited into whatever “smoking culture” your social circle prefers and then you embraced that lifestyle. We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you buy the perfect rolling paper that fits your specific smoking needs.

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vintage paper pack

When Were The First Rolling Papers Made? 

Smoking tobacco dates extremely far back in history. Some scholars believe that even as far back as 5000–3000 BC in Mesoamerica! Before the modern version of rolling paper we have today, it’s believed that ancient cultures wrapped herbs in leaves and smoked for ceremonial purposes. The first recorded rolling papers commercially recognized were first developed sometime in the early 1700’s in Spain by the company Pay-Pay using wood pulp as a base and later switched the formula to a rice blend. Since then, dozens of materials have been used to provide a unique smoking experience from hemp to bamboo. Thus, Choosing the correct product is extremely important before you buy rolling papers. Learn more about the history of rolling papers.

Where To Buy Rolling Papers

It seems that nowadays, rolling papers are available on every street corner, gas station, amazon store or your local convenience shop. You could run out and quickly select a couple off the shelf, but we wanted to share some important information with you before you embark on your rolling paper purchasing journey.

Buying Cheap Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are relatively cheap to begin with when compared to how expensive the actual product is that’s going inside your wrap. That’s why before you buy rolling papers, it’s important to understand the side effects of rolling with a sub-par paper. 

Some papers are naturally cheap to produce because they are easily refined and contain almost no added ingredients while others are packed with additives and heavily processed to create many different smoking experiences. Try to stay away from pure white colored papers if you are health conscious. Even though they look nice, they can contain bleach and other chemicals that give them a brilliant white appearance. It’s actually counter-intuitive, they look the cleanest but are actually more processed. We make it a priority to stock rolling papers free of harmful pesticides, bleach and other potent chemicals. 

In terms of price, thick blunt wraps are more expensive but deliver the most flavor. This is why they’re sought after by consumers looking to pair their herb with a complimenting flavored wrap. Conversely, thinner papers are usually a bit cheaper and deliver their own set of flavors or lack thereof.  

If you don’t mind putting in the effort, you can save considerable money buying packs of your favorite papers, inserting your own tip or filter, and then rolling yourself. As we will explain later, cones are fast and easier to use but are more costly.

When browsing different brands, be aware of knockoffs. Various paper companies will add a method to identify fakes by enclosing special stamped watermarks or certificates of authenticities. Rest assured, American Rolling Club has a direct relationship with all the major brands in order to bring our customers 100% legitimate products. We also have special sales from time to time so be sure to check back on our site to find deals! If you want to browse now check out our selection.


Types of Rolling Paper Materials

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job papers unbleached pack

Wood Pulp

Classic rolling papers, those used for the last two hundred years, are made of wood pulp. Most smokers are familiar with this type of rolling paper. They are thicker than papers made from other materials, and thus are easier to roll and remain lit longer. 

However, wood pulp papers do burn faster, which may be a negative factor for some smokers. If you enjoy tasting the flavor of what you smoke, wood pulp papers are a better choice than rice, flax or hemp papers. If you are environmentally conscious, keep in mind that wood pulp does not meet the criterion of sustainability and is often bleached to be more visually palatable which can present issues to your health. 

Hemp Papers

Hemp rolling papers became widely available in the US after the Federal legalization of hemp production in 2018. Hemp is very fibrous, needing extensive processing for use as rolling papers.  Hemp rolling paper, surprisingly, does not have any CBD when naturally procured, as it is made from the fiber which grows on the outside of the plant’s stalk. Hemp papers come in second across the board in the rolling paper competition for ease of rolling, burn rate, staying lit and allowing the flavor of the smoking material to come through. They are less thick than classic wood pulp papers but thicker than rice rolling papers and are a viable choice for papers made from a sustainable source. 

hemp wrap papers
hemp wrap rolling papers

Hemp Wraps

A hemp wrap is just what it sounds like, a sheet of paper made of hemp. Similar to other rolling papers in that they are a flat paper, they are often made from 100% hemp fiber. Hemp wraps come in varying thicknesses and provide a sweet taste but have a similar tendency as rice papers to absorb humidity. Hemp wraps have a medium burn rate and go out less often than rice papers. Hemp wraps are an eco-friendly choice as they can be planted and harvested in about 4 months, compared to the 20 to 80 years it takes to replace a tree. 

Rice Rolling Papers

The thinnest rolling papers are made from processed rice, which makes them a little more difficult to roll. If your hands are sweaty, or the papers have been sitting in a damp area they may not be rollable at all. Rice papers are made from the rice straw, an eco-friendly use of this part of the plant that is usually discarded. These papers have almost zero taste and offer users the slowest burn of any paper. However, rice rolling papers have a tendency to quit burning sooner than other options. If you like to take your time between hits this may be a positive quality for you. 

zig zag rolling paper flax
picture of a pack of zig zag rolling papers

Flax Rolling Papers

Flax is another great option with its own set of benefits. Flax papers are made with 100% flax fibers and are a suitable alternative to rice papers. Flax papers have similar qualities. They are almost as thin as rice papers, have little or no aftertaste and provide a slow burn. Flax rolling papers are made from the fiber of the plant, are not bleached and a good all-natural choice for smokers. Flax paper is smooth and has a medium rollability rating so getting a great roll with flax paper may take some practice. 

Flavored Rolling Papers

If you want to add a little flavor to your smoking experience, try flavored rolling papers. Flavored papers are perfect for smokers who want to add some extra taste to what they are smoking.  No matter your preference, you can find a favorite as papers are available in just about any flavor imaginable. Think birthday cake, menthol, blueberry, peanut butter and chocolate – the list goes on and on. They greatly improve the flavor of whatever you are smoking as well as add a delicious aroma. You can choose papers with flavoring in the gum line only, or those with flavors in the entire paper.


Pre-Rolled Cones Vs Rolling Papers

To roll or not to roll, that is the question. Some users enjoy the added taste of rolling papers but without the hassle of learning to roll. Pre-rolled cones are the perfect option to quickly pack a paper full of your favorite smoking herb. Just as rolling the perfect cigarette has its own cult following, so does stuffing a cone. American Rolling Club has dozens of different tools to fill your cone along with multiple sizes and paper textures. 


Benefits Of Rolling Papers Over Pipes

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person rolling a paper

In the twenty-first century, there are so many ways to smoke your favorite herbs. Of course, here at American Rolling Club, it’s no surprise that our favorite way to burn is with rolling papers. Here are a few reasons why you should be rolling instead of packing that bowl! 

First, Getting right down to it, the biggest argument in favor of using a glass pipe comes from a misunderstanding about cost. Sure rolling papers cost money to buy, but when you consider the price for a typical glass piece then the cost evens out. A single rolling paper is about 5 cents on average. You would need to use a bowl (Priced at $25) an astounding 500 times without breaking or losing it to compare to that price point. 

Second, a huge factor is taste. Did you know that a major reason our customers enjoy papers over anything else has to do with flavor? Different papers provide different flavors but the same is true of pipes. If the pipe is not maintained or often cleaned, substances can mix and can cause an undesirable aftertaste which negatively affects your smoking experience.

Most rolling paper fans understand that rolling is an art form. Nothing beats the feeling when you roll the perfect cigarette or wrap. A great roll not only packs herbs nice and tight but also enables an even burn. This allows for the optimum airflow draw to ensure each drag is as good as the one before it. Try using a rolling machine and you will never hand-roll again!

Another issue that often gets overlooked when using a pipe is the inhalation of lighter gas known as butane. Studies from The National Poisons Center state that when inhaled directly “it can cause drowsiness, suffocation, heart palpitations, temporary memory loss or death when inhaled.” By now you have probably guessed where we are going with this. Glass usually needs to be lit continuously when you take a drag while rolling papers stay lit like most cigarettes. As long as you have a decent cherry glowing in the center, almost all the butane has already been burned off before you take a puff. 

The next time you plan an outing or camping adventure, bringing along a couple well-rolled king sized cones proves a whole lot easier than passing a piece with a lighter in the dark. Papers also have the added benefit of being inconspicuous and low key when compared to the bulkiness of a glass pipe. 


How To Roll The Perfect Joint 

We carry a lot of different products that are all designed to help you achieve the best smoking experience possible. Here are a few tips to help you build, roll and enjoy the perfect joint. 

  1. Always use a filter. We carry many different products where you can build a paper tip from a book set to next-level glass mouthpiece filters that give your drag an extra-smooth draw. Even if it’s a piece of cardboard from packaging (which we don’t endorse), ALWAYS use a tip or filter so unwanted particles are free from your inhalation.
  2. A Grinder can help achieve optimum airflow. Almost every tool in our arsenal is going to adjust airflow in some way. Using a grinder is a great way to evenly grind and mix your hemp so that large chunks are grated down for easier packing. This can also help you sort out different fibers that you might want to discard or grind down further.
  3. How you pack is just as important as what you pack. This is because how tight you pack directly influences burn speed and airflow. You want to pack your paper tight, but not too tight. If you pack too tight then the air can’t circulate through the herb and you’ll be stuck sucking for air. If you pack too loose, then you get a limp joint that burns too fast and delivers an overall disappointing experience. 
  4. Re-Rolling is A-OK. Never be ashamed when you have to pause and re-roll. Rolling papers are pliable and for the most part sturdy enough to reroll a few extra times before you apply that final lick. 
  5. Using A Rolling Machine is fun and functional. It may take some time to get the hang of it but you can save money, maximize airflow and burn rate by rolling your own papers. Just like hand rolling, be sure that the paper is evenly lined up and you roll as uniform as possible for the best outcome. Most rolling machines are very affordable and won’t break your budget.
  6. Pairing the right paper with the right herb is also important when mixing flavors. Some flavored herbs go together well with flavored papers and some are better with tasteless products. You need to experiment to understand what works for you and your taste buds.

When you buy rolling papers we hope that you are now more equipped with dank knowledge! We make it our business to provide the perfect paper buying solution to your smoking endeavors! If you have any questions we are always happy to help. Feel free to browse our product selection!