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Pre-Rolled Cones Vs. Rolling Papers

Is It Better To Use Pre-Rolled Cones or Rolling Papers?

Should you roll your own with papers or switch to pre-rolled cones? Well, every smoker is different. It’s no surprise that most people have a preference of what products they use when they roll. 

Table of Contents

  1. Rolling Papers Are Older Than Cones
  2. Are Rolling Papers Cheaper Than Cones?
  3. Roll With What You’re Most Comfortable With
  4. The Biggest Difference Between Cones And Rolling Papers
  5. Converting Your Favorite Rolling Paper Into A Cone
  6. Filters And Other Smoking Accessories
  7. Stock Up On Both Papers And Cones!

pre-rolled cone tubes

Rolling Papers Are Older Than Cones

For centuries the only choice was the rolling paper. Papers date back over hundreds (possibly even thousands) of years. New variations of papers began to appear within the last fifty years, including thickness, size (single wide, 1.25, 1.5, double wide, king size, king size slim, king supreme) material (bamboo, flax, forest fiber, rice, & hemp) and flavors. Smokers usually have a favorite depending on whether they want a smooth burn, slow burn or simply ease of rolling. Cut-corner papers were developed for the men who were blinded from injuries suffered in the first World War. This paper made it easy to identify the jagged edge so you can be sure to always roll on the correct side. 

Are Rolling Papers Cheaper Than Cones?

Yes! This is usually the case. Rolling papers require you to do most of the work so naturally they are cheaper when compared to most cones. Be careful when buying cheap cones because even though it looks like a better deal, the paper could be old, or even worse, contain harmful chemicals that should be avoided. 

Roll With What You’re Most Comfortable With

If you started rolling with rolling papers you are probably more skilled than the average beginner after so much practice. Chances are you are going to stick with what you know. And we all know those folks who brag about being the best rollers around, so it’s a matter of pride and tradition for some. But for those new to rolling their own, a product emerged in the last twenty years that makes the job a bit easier – the cone. Learning any new skill takes time so don’t get frustrated if your first attempts aren’t perfect. 

The Biggest Difference Between Cones And Rolling Papers

The obvious difference between a cigarette rolled with paper versus one that is pre-rolled with a cone is the shape…duh! They are wide at one end, narrow at the other, similar to a skinny funnel. In addition, they are sturdier than most straight paper smokes making them easier to carry in a baggie or purse without falling apart. 

Pre-rolled cones will always give you a perfect roll because unlike papers, all you need to do is stuff them. There is no need to line up the paper or lick the “correct side.” Experienced rollers understand that airflow is a big factor when assembling their joints. Cones make it easier to pack herb tightly or more loosely, rather than depending on your rolling skill alone. 

But most cone users say their biggest benefit is that they hold more smoking material – a real asset when smoking with friends. Another great asset of the cone is burn release. The deep funnel shape means more product will be front-loaded at the start of your session. Some users prefer this to get the sesh started! Others prefer an even burn throughout the entire smoking experience. It really depends on you!

Converting Your Favorite Rolling Paper Into A Cone 

If you are seeking the benefit of the funnel-shaped cone but want to roll yourself, try taking a king size paper, tip the end and insert a pencil or other stick to help you seal the paper. Leave some room at the top and BOOM! You now have a cone rolled from rolling papers. It takes some time to get it right but now you have a pre-rolled cone at half the cost! Now you can stuff it with your favorite herb just as you would any store-bought pre-roll.

Filters And Other Smoking Accessories

Just like rolling papers, pre-rolled cones also come in a wide variety of materials (bamboo, flax, forest fiber, rice, hemp) and sizes.  Most cones also come with filters, which most agree makes for a much smoother smoke. Rolling papers, on the other hand, will usually require extra tips or filters unless they come prepackaged. 

OCB paper pack in yellow OCB has some cool combos that have tips along with rolling papers in a single package to save you some time.

The Cone Artist Cone Roller is a great product that lets you roll your own cones like we mentioned above. It even comes with a nifty little funnel extension to easily let you fill up your cones.

Rolling machines can make rolling a traditional joint much faster and are fun to use. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes addictive to get that “Perfect Roll!”

Stock Up On Both Papers And Cones!

So what’s a roll-your-own smoker going to settle on? The best advice is to have both rolling papers and cones on hand. Being able to choose which smoking experience you want is the true advantage of the wide range of rolling options available today. Going out or smoking with friends? A cone roll is the best option for that particular situation. If you’re just relaxing at home and are an ace roller, a straight paper roll is oddly satisfying. And no one cares if your joint looks less than perfect. 

Being able to order your rolling supplies online has made the roll-your-own experience so much better and gives options that weren’t available at the local convenience store or gas station just five years ago. So roll on brothers and sisters – it’s a good time to be you!