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A List Of Some Of Our Favorite Rolling Paper Brands

Rolling papers are the go-to choice for an impromptu smoke session (who likes bongs anyway? At least, WE prefer papers). Rolling paper has grown in demand. Now, with more and more legal herbs, there are dozens of choices for rolling paper. Some examples are hemp, printed papers, cones, and so many more. With different types of rolling paper, smoke sessions can have different flair depending on the smokers preference.
Many smokers choose different brands for different reasons. Some prefer one brand for a certain herb over another. All is which to say, the perfect joint is completely up to you.

Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jays rolling papers mello mango flavored 1 1/4 sizeLike its name suggests, Juicy Jay’s is one of the most flavorful brands of any rolling paper made. Once you open the pack, the sweet aroma of strawberry, blueberry, and other juicy flavors tingle your taste buds. Jay’s employs a special process that focuses aromas on the taste buds in your mouth, lips and even your cheeks in order to deliver maximum flavor! For those who choose Juicy Jay, they are living life on the sweeter side and enjoy even sweeter aromas.

Juicy Jay’s have gained popularity in recent years and many don’t know that they are actually owned by RAW. This brings us to the next hit on our list. RAWthentic!


black raw cone box 900 count 1 1/4RAW boasts a plethora of different materials, sizes, and even contraptions to help you roll better joints! We could list our top 10 favorites but for sake of reading material we will list one of our favorites.

RAW’s Pre-rolled cones are the perfect convenience solution for those who don’t want or have the time to roll their own joint. Using hemp fibers, this classic and low stress method for assembling your joint might be your next choice on how to smoke.

Those who choose pre-rolled cones are the friends who choose high quality tobacco and herbs and want to get down to business. No time wasted on rolling papers with crazy tastes and possible lost products.


OCB organic hemp paper single wide boxOCB is an interesting brand derived in France 200 years ago. The name is a creative acronym that means “O” ODET, “C” CASCEDEC, “B” BOLLORE. This abbreviation harbors a rich upbringing in the company history. “Odet” is where the company’s first paper mill was located on the Odet river in France. “Cascedec” was the location of a very significant paper mill location (also in France) and was a shining pillar in the industry. “Bollore” throws back to a 6-generation family that paved the way for the rolling paper industry.

History aside, these papers are cutting edge and are becoming one of the most popular brands piquing smoker demand.

OCB Solaire Rolling Papers | King Size Slim + Tips are a great product and we chose it based on quality and a nice price point. These papers are made of 100% sustainable plant fibers and even come with tips inside the package.


elements wide rolling tips boxRice paper for rolling a joint is a solid choice. Rice paper burns so well, they come freshly pressed with a criss-cross design that leaves almost zero ash when burned. Rice paper has been so well designed, they have an almost near perfect fold, creating the perfect joint.

If you use Elements, you are someone who like a clean joint. Some might even say you are the OCD smoker with your perfect folds and little ash.

E-Z Wider

ez wider 1 1/4 box organic hempE-Z Wider is another classic brand known for being double the width of a standard rolling paper. If you are a less-experienced roller than these are for you! EZ Wider is easier to roll than other brands and the extra width allows for a better roll that is forgiving of mistakes. A little known fact, E-Z Wider also has prerolled cones available made with organic hemp fiber.

When choosing how to smoke the perfect joint, try different ways and see what might fit your lifestyle and smoking choice.