GAMBLER Cigarette Tubes

Gambler cigarette tubes provide an even burn and pleasurable smoke.  Choose full, medium, light, ultralight or menthol filtered cigarette tubes from Gambler for an excellent smoking experience.  Gambler cigarette tubes work with both manual and automatic rollers and result in a well-packed cigarette every time.  Quality made and reasonably priced, Gambler filtered cigarette tubes make rolling your own the smart choice for taste and value.  

A quality cigarette tube can determine whether your at-home rolling experience is a pleasure or a chore.  Gambler is a manufacturer with a long history in the roll your own industry and produces filtered cigarette tubes of consistent high quality.  

If you enjoy full flavor, then Gambler’s king size regular tubes will provide a satisfying level of flavor you crave.  For those who prefer a slightly more mellow smoke, try the Gambler Gold tubes.  And Gambler tube cut cigarette tubes are also available in two more non-menthol flavor levels.  Gambler Silver Light is for those smokers who want a consistent light flavor experience with every puff.  If you like extra light smokes, then the Gambler Silver Ultralight filtered cigarette tubes are your choice for smoking pleasure.  

Is menthol your cigarette flavor preference?  Then you won’t be disappointed with the smooth menthol flavor of Gambler Full Flavor Menthol filter tubes.  

Gambler, a respected name in the tobacco and filter tubes industry, means quality and consistency.  Gambler filtered cigarette tubes are made with durable, clean paper and enhance the flavor of your favorite tobacco.  Gamble tubes work with manual and automatic rolling machines, burn evenly and are an excellent value for the roll your own aficionado.     

The Gambler line of cigarette tubes meets the needs of every smoker in your household.  Get a quality product at a reasonable price!

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Showing all 9 results