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Zig Zag Cigarette Tubes | Light | 100’s

  • 200 ct.
  • king size
  • Light tubes
  • White filter tip

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Zig Zag Cigarette Tubes Light 100’s
In the 19th Century during the battle of Sevastopol, a French soldier (also known as a “Zouave”) had his clay pipe broken by a bullet. He had the brilliant idea of rolling his tobacco in a piece of paper torn from a bag of gunpowder.
In 1894, the Braunstein Brothers perfected the process of interleaving papers in a zig-zag manner. Introducing a cigarette paper booklet under the name Zig-Zag®.
In 1900, Zig-Zag gained international recognition and awarded a gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris. For over 100 years the image of Le Zouave has been part of all Zig-Zag cigarette papers. A tribute to that creative soldier.
Today, Le Zouave and Zig-Zag are known throughout the world as a premium cigarette paper.

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