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RAW Hemp Wick


  • Spools come in 10ft, 20ft lengths
  • Balls come in 100ft, 250ft lengths
  • Purest Natural Unbleached Hemp Fibers
  • Highest Quality Beeswax
  • Pure, Natural and Simple
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RAW Hemp Wick – Produced with “the three P principle” , People, Product and Planet. The model is simple, Eco and Locally sourced ingredients only! This helps produce the highest quality, slowest burning, self dispensing rolls of hemp wick in the world.

  • Ingredient #1 HEMP – Naturally grown European hemp, produced using a “dry spun” mechanical technique. Hemp is a versatile and sustainable plant fiber. It grows pretty much anywhere fast with soil, rain, sun and nourishment. It grows so fast that it naturally prevents other plants from damaging it, therefore it doesn’t require pesticides. Cotton on the other hand is reported to use up to 25% of global pesticides annually.
  • Ingredient #2 BEESWAX – The supplier works closely with the beekeepers and processors to ensure the highest quality wax, some even coming from wild forest hives. Honeybees and wild bees are important for the ecosystem and maintaining that is top priority.

Stop inhaling butane and use this to hold your flame!

Instructions: Light end of the RAW Hemp Wick, tilt to control the flame.

Caution Flammable: Ensure flame is completely out after each use. Beeswax may drip. Do not leave unattended. Please keep away from children.

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10 ft, 20 ft, 100 ft, 250 ft