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RAW Ethereal Papers


  • Thinnest paper ever made by RAW
  • Elegant Gold Packaging for an Ethereal Experience
  • 1¼ Size – 50 leaves per pack – 24 packs per box
  • King Size Slim – 32 leaves per pack – 50 packs per box
  • It’s like there’s no paper at all!
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RAW Ethereal papers are so phenomenally thin it’s as if there was almost no paper at all! Carefully crafted for the greatest skilled rollers with absolutely perfect material. Nothing else will suffice. Roll carefully and savor every puff!
This is the thinnest RAW paper ever made!!


  1. The herbal material CAN’T be too wet. Be sure you maintain it with a humidity pack before use.
  2. Grind to a light & fluffy texture, that means NO chunks!
  3. Be a delicate rolling master and create the most beautifully thin RAW you’ve ever SAW!
  4. Extra Tip – Use cone tips and cone maker to make a pre-rolled cone, it’s easier to pack!

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