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RAW Double Shot Two Cone Filler



  • Designed for RAW King Size Cones
  • Fills Two Cones at once.
  • A One Stop Shop For Filling King Size Cones
  • Includes: Top Cap, Silicone Plugs, Double Shot w/Extendable Scoop Collar, Removable Poker, Bottom Cap

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The RAW Double Shot is designed to be an all-in-one portable King Size cone filler & stasher! It fills, scoops, pokes, taps, slams, fits & fills one or two cones AND fits in your pocket!

Yeah, it’s over-designed because this is the kind of useful innovation you’d expect from RAW!


  • Holder
  • Storage
  • Filler
  • Scooper
  • Built-in Poker
  • Pocketable
  • Slammable impact filler (Be Reasonable)
  • Fills 1 or 2 King Size Cones


  1. Remove the top cap and the necessary plugs based on the number of cones you plan to fill.
  2. Place authentic RAW king Size Cones into the exposed holes.
  3. Extend the scoop collar and use it to gather your chosen smokables from your authentic RAW Tray.
  4. Following each scoop and tap, use the built-in poker to progressively pack your material. Repeat these steps until your cones are filled.
  5. Remove the bottom cap, push the cones up from the bottom, and gently pull them out from the top.

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