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RAW Classic King Size Backrolled Cones


Backrolling, a thing of the past brought back by RAW.. now with pre-rolled cones!

  • Convenience | These are Pre-rolled cones with tips included! Just fill, pack & enjoy!
  • RAWthentic | 100% original RAW prerolled cones produced by RAW and distributed by American Rolling Club
  • Slow Burning | Each cone is watermarked with RAW’s proprietary criss-cross imprint that helps prevent runs and maintain a slow and even burn.
  • All Natural | Made from a blend of unbleached fibers and finished with a natural gum line. RAW Rolling Papers have no added chalk or dyes or harsh chemicals!
  • Contents | 75 RAW Classic King Size backrolled cones.

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RAW Classic King Size Backrolled Cones 75ct Box Mini Tower

These cones are pre-rolled backwards. Backrolling is a difficult method of rolling. It started in the 90’s when paper was thicker to get rid of the excess. Backrolled cones allow you to pack without the extra paper after the gumline getting in the way.

Classic Series
RAW Classic papers consist of natural fibers to provide you with the highest quality, unbleached, unrefined rolling papers available. These RAW pre-rolled cones save you time and effort. They are perfect for people who find it a challenge to hand-roll as well as for experienced rollers to optimize their time. Cones are the ultimate convenience because you only need to fill them up with whatever you like to smoke, twist the end, and light the fire.

King Size
Each King Size cone is 109mm in length with a 26mm long RAW tip.

Watermarked with RAW’s patented CrissCross watermark, this special watermark helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth even-burn characteristic that RAW products are famous for. RAW Classics are a translucent natural light brown color and are so thin that you can almost see through them, the unique cone shape design promotes an even burn at the beginning, and then less and less intensity required with each puff. This means your first puff will be as strong and efficient as the last.

All Natural Quality
RAW Rolling Papers have no added chalk or dyes, unlike competitor brands. RAW cones use a water