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OCB Rolling Machine | Cone | 125mm BIGGIE


  • Authentic | 100% original OCB rolling machine distributed by American Rolling Club
  • Material | Made with wood-and-plastic composite
  • Size | This is a 125mm Rolling Machine and fits most Cigar and Cigarette Rolling Papers
  • Skill Level | This Rolling Machine is easy to use for any skill level


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OCB Rolling Machine Cone 125mm BIGGIE



  • Biggie (125mm)



Made with Plastic and sturdy acrylic, these rollers also feature belts made of super-pliable, nonstick TPU [that’s geek-speak for thermoplastic polyurethane] to make rolling your own a breeze.



This compact hand-held rolling machine is lightweight and easy to use, providing you with a fast, consistent roll time and time again.

Easy for users to load and operate, these rollers use motion and pressure to help create an even, well-packed smoke every time.

Now you can roll your own cones at home.

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