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Elements Rolling Papers | Perfect Fold | 1¼

  • Pure Rice Paper and Natural Gum
  • 50 Leaves Per Pack
  • 25 Packs Per Case
  • Size 78x44mm
  • Ultra Thin
  • Magnetic Closure Flap
  • Pre-folded papers
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Elements Rolling Papers Perfect Fold 1¼ is a 100% Rice Paper with a  small line of 100% natural Acacia gum and completely chemical free. The paper size is 78x44mm. Each individual pack contains 50 leaves and there are 25 packs per case. A patented run-prevention watermark system with cross-weave pattern and vertical hard-stop lines keep your smokes burning slowly and evenly. These rolling papers feature a pre-folded paper that allows you to roll more quickly and efficiently than ever before!

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