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American Rolling Club Poker Sticks | 10 Pack


  • Simple | This simple yet effective design produces maximum comfort with minimal effort
  • Durable | All Natural Bamboo Pokers are sturdy and won’t bend or break.
  • Functional | Pack, Push, Poke and Roll. Ideal for Prerolled Cones but Usable in Any Situation
  • What You Get | Included with this purchase are 10 total Bamboo Pokers for packing up to King Size Pre Rolled Cones. Each Stick Measuring 3.5” x .2”

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American Rolling Club Poker Sticks – 10 Pack

All-Natural Materials

We choose to utilize real bamboo for our bamboo packing sticks with our name burned into the side. You’ll have a worry free time knowing that the tool your are using is 100% all Natural Bamboo when you are rolling your own smokes.


Innovative Design

These bamboo sticks are made with an innovative design that makes packing easier than ever before. With one end flat and the other end pointed, you’re given two great options for packing your pre rolls. These sticks are able to stuff your product delicately and evenly, creating a smooth, even-burning roll.


Perfect Size

American Rolling Club Poker Sticks are sized for up to King size cones. At 88mm there will be enough room to reach the bottom of the cone to ensure you have packed a stable pre roll and don’t get that bend at the filter tip.

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